What is a fluidized bed boiler?

Fluidized bed boiler is an industrial boiler using a fluidized bed type combustion chamber where the fuel is burned in a single layer or a fluidized body with hot unburnt solid particles.

Fluidized bed in general understanding: Is a spatial region made up of solid particles of fuel such as coal, limestone, sand, ash, ..in the combustion chamber they are raised in suspension due to pressure. of the air stream. Accordingly, the particles move freely and boil like a liquid in this state known as the fluidized bed or fluidized layer. The fluidized bed combustion chamber will create very good mixing conditions for the fuels over the entire area of ​​the combustion chamber, so the fuel will burn out. The temperature of the combustion chamber is not too high and reduces the emission of harmful gases.

 What are the types of fluidized bed boilers?

Depending on the needs of using fluidized bed boilers, there are different types of boilers with different capacities from 1 to 50 tons/hour. Depending on the fuel source and combustion technology, there are different types of boilers such as: chain grate boilers. , static burning boiler, gas fired boiler, oil fired boiler, wood fired boiler, rice husk boiler, biomass fired boiler….

Foam fluidized bed boiler

The zones of fluidized bed boilers are normally divided by water cooled bulkheads or heat resistant baffles. When you want to reduce the load and control the load for the furnace, it is necessary to stop many zones continuously for a long time to be able to maintain the temperature of the material layer. we will need to use quite a lot of extra fuel

Advantages of fluidized bed boiler

Fluidized bed boiler generates strong and stable heat in the range of 800-900 degrees Celsius. In the environment of the boiler combustion chamber, the combustible particles and fuel are regularly circulated to ensure that the fuels will burn out together and burn. exhausted. Helps maximize fuel savings and when stopped, there will be no fuel consumption, thereby helping the plant to save costs.

The amount of INOX emissions from fluidized bed boiler technology during combustion is also small to ensure safety, reduce harmful emissions, and create a clean energy source that is not harmful to the environment.

During the operation of the fluidized bed boiler, thanks to the new technology, the slag deposition phenomena on the surface of the steam generator tubes, the convection heat exchanger tubes and the ash deposition on the equipment surfaces at the rear of the furnace help to improve the process. The oven cleaning process is easy, saving time and effort.

The process of preparing fuel is simpler, the process of supplying fuel to the furnace is also easy thanks to mechanization and automation from screw conveyors, conveyors …

Fluidized bed boiler is quick to start, easy to use, easy to operate.

Fluidized bed boilers have a fairly long life and durability.

Fluidized bed boilers have very low maintenance and repair costs.

Fluidized bed boilers are capable of continuous operation.

What are the limitations of fluidized bed boilers?

Besides the outstanding advantages, the fluidized bed boiler also has certain limitations, the high-pressure fan system has high power consumption, a large amount of heat is lost to the outside environment, and the recording surface area is large. , in the fire chamber, the combustion efficiency is lower than that of coal-fired boiler technology.

 Fluidized bed boilers are more and more widely used in the industry thanks to their outstanding advantages with the ability to save production costs, create a safe and clean energy source, is an optimal choice for factories and manufacturing enterprises.

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