Uses of industrial boilers

Boilers are used in industrial plants that use heat as a source of heat, steam, heat source and steam source to other necessary machinery systems.

Boilers are commonly used in most industries, each of which has different heat needs with different levels of capacity. Such as:

Garment and dry cleaning companies: Steam boilers are used to provide steam for laundry. Confectionery or feed processing companies: industrial boilers are used to dry products. .Factories producing soy sauce, fish sauce or soft drinks: use boilers to heat and sterilize.

Current boiler applications:

Steam boilers are used in industrial steam cooker systems. To be able to cook a large amount of food, people often use the support of boilers for industrial kitchen systems.

– Boilers are used in the whole year round hot swimming pool system in amusement parks, resorts, hotels…

– Boilers used in therapy, therapy systems, saunas, rehabilitation for patients who have lost their sense of movement, used for massage…

– Boilers used in factories, garment factories. The application of boilers in this field is for dyeing fabrics, ironing clothes

– People also use boilers to operate systems for drying wood, agricultural products, drying food, dried fruits, pasteurizing beverages, milk, juices, etc.

– Boilers are also used in the steaming processes of rattan, bamboo, etc.

– In factories specializing in winemaking, people use boilers in parallel with the use of wine cookers.

– In factories and industrial parks, people use boilers to conduct heat and provide steam for some equipment and machinery that need heat to operate. Depending on the type of machine and production process, people will choose the appropriate type of boiler.

Boiler is widely used in all industrial production because it has extremely outstanding advantages compared to other energy supply devices. The product creates a source of heat, non-flammable and explosive vapors to operate equipment used in areas with high risk of fire and explosion, oil and gasoline warehouses…

Today, many types of boilers are born to meet all human industrial production needs. With the above great applications, boilers have become indispensable pressure equipment in industry.

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