A fluidized bed furnace (FBC) is a furnace in which fuel is ignited in a single layer or in a fluidized state of hot, unburnt solid particles. This type of fuel combustion is beneficial in solving the dilemmas commonly encountered by fossil fuel incinerators. Therefore, on the market today, fluidized bed furnaces are increasingly developing and gradually replacing old solid fuel burners such as Stoke furnaces or solid fuel injection furnaces.

Fluidized bed furnaces are of two main types:

  1. Light fluidized bed furnace.

  1. Strong fluidized bed furnace.


– Fuel for burning: coal and agro-forestry by-products such as rice husk, sawdust, shavings, cashew nut residue, bagasse, bamboo chips…

– Plumbing type, natural circulation, 2 three feathers.

Simple operation, fully automatic control system.

– The system of cyclone dust collection and water dust removal efficiency 98% protects the environment.

– Furnace efficiency up to 95%.

– Used for sugar factories, dairy factories, breweries…


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